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Keep up With Your Wellness Resolutions

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.

Whether it's January 1st or April 28th, keeping up with your wellness resolutions is crucial in order to really make them a part of your daily routine. Sometimes you need to set reminders to check up with yourself, other times you need to cross things off your to-do list, and then there are times when resolutions become so natural you don't even have to think about them twice - this is what happens when a great, high-quality product comes into play and makes your wellness resolutions a breeze.

I'd love to share with you some of my favorite products that can help you make better choices in 2023, making you take care of YOU and put yourself first for a change.

The Tamanu Balm Barrier Salve from Erin's Faces is the absolute perfect alternative for petroleum ointment and it's made with three powerful ingredients: organic tamanu oil, saffloweer seed oil, and locally sourced beeswax. It's made for all bug bites, bruises, eczema breakouts, baby bottoms, dry hands and knuckles, and even new tattoos! (use TAMANUBALM for 10% off your purchase!)

One of my favorite digestive enzymes is Flatter me from Hum Nutrition. This 18 full-spectrum enzyme blend helps break down food, reduces bloating, and supports a healthy digestion. I love using it on a daily basis before all of my bigger meals and letting it do its magic without worrying I'll suddenly look 7 months preggo! (Use BABBLE30 for 30%)

If you're a runner like me or in general need of electrolytes, my go-to brand is Ultima. They are delicious and contain ZERO sugars or artificial sweeteners which is pretty rare on the market. All you have to do is mix it up with 16 oz of water and drink up! It will do wonders for your energy, hydration, and micronutrient levels. (BABBLE20 for 20%)

As we age, we lose collagen, elastin, and keratin, some of the most important proteins in our skin that keep it plump, subtle, and hydrated. Biosil and its active ingredient, ch-OSA®, helps your body generate and protect your own stores, and it one of the only clinically proven brands on the market. (BabbleBoxxBiosil2023 for 25%)

And lastly, for all of my travelers out there, I cannot imagine my life without the Travel Essentials from Plane Aire that are the perfect travel companion to ensure a hygeinic journey. The plant-based kit includes Travel Essentials includes one Clean Surface & Air Mist, six individually wrapped Clean Surface Wipes, and one PlaneAire Hands hand sanitizer blend of your choice—ensuring a hygienic journey from Point A to B. It's also packed in a reusable zip-top bag that makes it so easy to just grab and go!

All you have to do now is click, buy, and start making these amazing products a part of your wellness resolutions!


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