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The Seattle House Vertical Community - The Condo Project That Has It All

"Artist Concept of Preliminary Design"

What are some of the amenities you look for when buying or renting a condo? Do you need open space for your dog to play around? A really good gym and pool you can just roll out of bed to? Or maybe a media room you can use when your friends come to visit? Whatever the case may be, we always seem to compromise on one thing or another, as none of the buildings offer all...that is...until Seattle House project began.

From the moment I heard how this incredible condo project will be organized and all it will have to offer, I realized it was my dream condo! How else could I describe something with a zen garden, not one but TWO yoga studios, an incredible gym, a co-working space, spa and pool area, and the best fitness gym ever? Literally ALL I NEED. As someone who mostly works from home, I sometimes wish I had an office to go to and change the scenery a bit but then I remind myself how much co-working spaces cost and I quickly give up, realizing that working from my little one-bedroom apartment, constantly switching between my dining table and my living room sofa because I can’t seem to get comfortable isn’t such a terrible thing after all. Well, here I wouldn’t even have to! Not only is it going to be gorgeously designed (like the entire building), but it’s also incredibly convenient – I can just pop back into my apartment whenever I feel like it!

As a yoga teacher and someone who practices on the daily, I rarely practice at home. Not only because I don’t have the space for it, but because the gym area in my current condo doesn’t feel inviting. It’s cold, empty, and the energy just isn’t there. Seattle House has something really special stored for its overall wellness area - a gorgeous, modern gym, as well as TWO yoga studios - indoor and outdoor. I can’t imagine anything better than waking up, rolling out my mat, and greeting the warm summer Seattle sun while I feel the light morning breeze on my skin....Move over California, you ain’t got nothing on the PNW gorgeousness!

"Artist Concept of Preliminary Design"

Aaaand then when I feel like I need a self-care day, there’s the spa. With an awesome pool and saunas (yes multiple!) to a heated tepidarium lounge and meditation pods (I know, what?!), tell me, which spa in the whole city offers something so intimate, but yet so luxurious? And it’s there - 24/7, 365 days of the year – for every resident.

If you were to have all of this in your home, imagine how much time and money you’d save! We all waste our precious minutes running around, commuting, stuck in traffic, just to get from A to B...when in Seattle House, the A and B (and C and D) are all in the same spot.

Located next to the gorgeous Amazon Spheres and right in the heart of the city, Seattle House is the futuristic concept of a “vertical community” of over 50,000 sq. ft. in its fullest. Its carefully curated amenities and common areas provide you with the ability to design your life exactly how you want it and live beyond your suite, giving you the opportunity to not only love your condo, but also spend time in the entire building, using each and every room to your benefit.

The Seattle condo market is growing rapidly, and due to all the big tech companies and thriving businesses, so are the prices. That’s why when I actually do decide to invest in something and call it my home, I really want to be sure I made the best choice possible. There’s so much left to say about this incredible house, but even this is more than enough to learn there’s a new player in the Seattle condo market, and he’s here to win the game. Ok,can I move in already?


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