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Take Care Of The Skin You Live In

eltamd, moisturizer, skincare

The skin is our greatest organ and it’s also the most vulnerable part of our bodies, exposed to all sorts of possible toxins and outside threats – ALL the time. It’s no surprise then, that in order to protect it you need to learn about the best practices and products you can implement into your daily routine and keep your skin healthy and thriving for years to come.

One of the basic skincare routine steps is moisturizing and in order to do it right, you have to use it in the morning and in the evening, as different formulas work while you’re active and out and about, and while you’re resting and sleeping. EltaMD is an amazing company whose products I’ve recently come across and fallen in love with. Their nightly facial moisturizer, EltaMD PM Therapy contains powerful antioxidants and Niacinamide, that work in conjunction to improve the color and tone of your skin, while at the same time stimulating cell growth and collagen formation, resulting in more skin elasticity and maximizing the nightly skin repair process.

eltamd, skincare, moisturizer

Religiously smothering my face with this dermatologist-recommended facial moisturizer has made my skin smoother, more supple, and feeling fresh. There’s just something magical about massaging a good product into your skin and knowing that you’ll experience the true meaning of “beauty sleep.”

Although there is a lot of serums and oils on the market with all sorts of different properties and that offer amazing results, nothing will work unless your moisturizer does – your skin needs to be well hydrated for ANY of your other products to penetrate your skin and actually supply it with all the nutrients and activate all the cell receptors. That’s why doing a bit of research and finding those like the one from EltaMD, a company whose sole purpose is to provide breakthrough solutions for every skin type and suit every lifestyle, keeping their skin protected, one product at a time.

eltamd, moisturizer, skincare

Paying attention to the food we eat and the amount of exercise we do is important, but so is what we put on our skin. We spend a lot of time reading the nutritional labels and backside packaging, but we never really stop to check what’s in our skincare. And let me tell you..there are a lot of things there that shouldn’t even come close to our skin, let alone be massaged into it. EltaMD is a company I trust and that’s why I want to recommend it to you, all of my amazing people! Be aware of what your skincare’s made of, and stay safe in this crazy world. #ad, #EltaMDAroundTheClock & #EltaMDbbxx



This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx on behalf of EltaMD


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