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Experience The Magic Of Enchant Christmas!

enchant christmas, christmas, magic

’Tis the season to be jolly, glowing in the twinkly lights, and laughing with family and friends. What’s a better way to do it than ice skating through a magical kingdom of Enchant Christmas? Read on!

Enchant Christmas is everything you’ve ever dreamed of as a child, and more! With Mischievous, the all-new World’s largest Christmas light maze, incredible local food options, and a magical ice skating rink, Enchant is definitely an adventure you cannot miss. Located in the heart of Seattle, at the T-Mobile Arena, you’ll find it mesmerizing even from the outside, as you drive up to its large garage and walk over the skywalk bridge. The thousands and thousands of lights will hypnotize you and leave the biggest smile on your face as you explore all Enchant has to offer.

enchant christmas, christmas, seattle

Naturally, snapping a couple dozen pics along the way is absolutely necessary, as you’ll want to remember entering the “Mischievous story” and discover where did Eddie, the loveable and mischievous elf who's “accidentally" misplace Santa’s gifts. You’ll find yourself among astonishing light sculptures while munching on delicious cinnamon buns and golden chocolate coins. Oh, and did I mention you’ll be having a white Christmas after all? Yup, you read that right! Even if Seattle stays gray, you’ll be transported to a white wonderland.

enchant christmas, christmas, seattle

And if all that wasn’t enough, end the perfect night by cozying up with blankets, delicious food from the Christmas Market, and excerpts from the season’s most classic movies in Enchant Cinema. What more can you ask for??

So, take your family, friends, and all your loved ones and experience the magic of Enchant Christmas this Holiday season. The adventure closes on December 29th, so hurry up and get your ticket today!




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