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Favorite Summer Snacks!

favorite summer snacks

There are not a lot of things in life I love more than summer & good food, so when you pair it up - girl, you got a perfect combo! When it's hot outside, I tend to go towards lighter & colder foods, as well as snack more. Big meals leave me feeling heavy and take super long to digest, so I try to listen to my body and find good, nutrient & vitamin dense snacks to fuel me up! Here are some of my favorite summer snacks!

summer snacks, daily harvest

From smoothies to chia bowls, and lattes to oat bowls & even cookies, Daily Harvest makes the perfect snacks for every occasion! Not only are their products delicious, they are loaded with vitamins, minerals and even superfoods like blue majik, turmeric, & chaga. The majority of the cups serve two, so you can easily split it in two snacks, or even share it with a friend (which is a HARD one for me, I tell ya!). My favorites are definitely Chocolate & Almond Chia Bowl, Apple & Cinnamon Oatbowl, and Cold Brew and Cacao smoothie! The only problem is finding your new favorite! (Use code karlatafra to get 3 FREE cups when you order!)

thunderbird bars, nutrition, snacks

Made with only whole food ingredients, Thunderbird bars have quickly become my favorites! Vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free, paleo...they have ZERO additives, colorings, fillers, or any other ingredient which would make you question why it was put there. As a huge coffee lover, my favorite are the Hazelnut Coffee & Maca Bars, but they just came out with the chocolate line, and all of the bars taste like candy. Seriously, I can't get enough!

sakara life, snacks

I know I've been talking about Sakara Life for a LONG time now...and there's a reason why! I've been absolutely obsessed with all of their products and meals for over a year now and I really don't want you to miss out! When you start shopping from their Clean Boutique, you honestly wish they had everything you could ever think of, because'd be treating them as your new Amazon Prime :) Not kidding! One of my absolute favorite summer snacks is their Dark Chocolate Granola, as I LOVE sprinkling it on top of smoothies and chia bowls (check out my Daily Harvest favs above!). You can also save 20% off on your first meal order when you use my code XOKARLA!

almond flour crackers, snacks

Let's talk about some savoury stuff! Crackers are THE BEST snack in the world (am I right, or am I right??). You can use them to scoop hummus, guacamole, salsa; spread some awesome cream cheese (or nut cheeze), or even toast and add to salads as croutons (my new thing). Simple Mills makes these crazy delicious Almond Flour crackers which are mind blowing! My fav are the rosemary sea salt and I get them from Thrive Market (by clicking this link, you can get $20 off your next THREE orders!)

endorfin foods, snacks, chocolate

Because what snack compilation would be complete without chocolate? I mean, c'mon, let's be real...chocolate is the ultimate snack - could be a dessert, could be a breakfast, could be a part of your coffee break...It's just amazing for any time of the day! I've been loving these Endorfin Foods Coconut Mylk chocolates lately as their flavors are really unique! My favorite is the Mugwort and Anise as it's incredibly creamy and spicy! Once again, I get mine from Thrive Market (by clicking this link, you can get $20 off your next THREE orders!)

6. All the seasonal fruit

fruit, snacks, raspberries

I know you didn't expect this one to end up here, but let's be honest - when the summer heat kicks in, fruit is the ultimate refresh. I love going to my local Farmer's Market and simply browsing through all the seasonal goodness! Currently, I'm downing berries, peaches, apricots & watermelon like there's no tomorrow! Find what's seasonal in your area and fill up a basket with all the colors! The ways to incorporate them into your snacks and meals are endless!




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