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Sakara Life Review: Save 20% with my code!

seattle yoga, nutrition coach, wellness coach, sakara life, bodybuilding

​​​You GUYS! I love cooking.


Like, I have an addiction for cookbooks and recreating amazing dishes from restaurants or my Instagram feed. I am even counting down the days until the new season of "Chef's Table" comes on (and all other cooking shows)

But... even I need some time off; someone else to cook for me; someone else to create extraordinary dishes which I wouldn't even think of! And that's where Sakara Life perfectly comes into place. It's that little piece of puzzle you don't even know you're missing before you try it....and then you're sold for life!

seattle yoga, nutrition coach, wellness coach, sakara life, bodybuilding

Before we dive in, I just want to explain how it all works. Sakara is a 100% plant-based meal delivery service and their chefs make the food in-house (you never have to cook anything!). Considering that their offices are in NYC and LA, your delivery dispatch will be from the closest one to your zipcode. They pride themselves on fresh delivery, so that's why your pricing might reflect that (nothing major, but worth noting! ).

Now, when you've entered your zipcode, you've come to the fun part - choosing the number of days you want to order (3 or 5), number of meals for each day ( up to 3), and whether you want to Taste it (a one-time order) or Live it (subscription program).

And voila!

Whichever program you decide to choose for yourself, I assure you, living the #SakaraLife won't let you down....and here's why:


You might be surprised to learn that Sakara's meals have no nutritional info on them. That's right - no scary calorie number, or the macronutrient ratio. The reason behind this is the fact that food is so much more than a number ( pun intended ;) ) Like they neatly put it themselves, food doesn't just contain calories, it contains information.

We all believe in the ' Calories in vs. Calories out equation', but what we seem to forget is the fact that there are so many other factors which can add on or take off from either side of it. The quality of the food, the actual nutrients which make up the meals you eat, determine how much of it actually gets absorbed in your body. Eating a 250 cal commercial chocolate candy bar comprised of mostly fast carbs (sugars) and fat, with zero vitamins & minerals does not get absorbed in the body the same as a 250 cal vegetable, nuts & seeds stir-fry with a variety of colors & textures, loads of fiber & healthy omegas. Also, the BIG talk about our microbiome is trending right now, and with billions and billions of bacteria in our gut whose genes outnumber our own, is the number of calories really that important?

All we need to know is WHAT we're eating, and with Sakara, everything is fresh & organic, locally sourced from trusted farmers, unprocessed, and without any additives, colorings, toxins or preservatives (that's why in the case of ordering the 5-day program, your food gets delivered 2-3 times throughout the week).

seattle yoga, nutrition coach, wellness coach, sakara life, bodybuilding


Majik, Hawaij, Juniper Berry, Inca berries, spirulina, mesquite...they are speaking a whole new language out there in Sakara HQ! A superfood language, I must say!

Every meal has a spotlight ingredient which makes it super special. All the main info about it is written on the packaging, as well as the reason for including it in the program. You will not only be eating a variety of crazy antioxidants, immune boosters and vitamin extravaganza, you will also be learning all about nutrition & the way it makes our gut happy!

seattle yoga, nutrition coach, wellness coach, sakara life, bodybuilding


Yup, you read that right, with Sakara, you don't have to give up the 'food of the Gods'. In fact, their Beauty Chocolates are so good for you, they are actually clinically proven to improve skin in just two weeks.

Wait, WHAT?

Each chocolate is packed with 70 mg of plant-based, collagen-boosting phtyoceramides whose main job is to rebuild the lipid layer of your skin (say goodbye to premature wrinkles!) and give you that healthy, sexy glow!

seattle yoga, nutrition coach, wellness coach, sakara life, bodybuilding


Hydration is key, we all know that, but Sakara people have more tricks up their sleeve! Everything about their program is unique, so why would drinking water be any different :)

Their 2 main products, Beauty water concentrates (with rose and silica) & Detox water concentrates (with chlorophyll) both carry 72 trace minerals which hydrate, nourish, detoxify and energize your whole body. I think they managed to solve the problem of drinking 8 glasses of water per day :)

seattle yoga, nutrition coach, wellness coach, sakara life, bodybuilding

Coming from Europe, I've come to realize that food in the US is generally much more expensive. Having celiac disease and being lactose intolerant doesn't help, and being a yoga teacher, health coach & nutritionist ( which makes me practically live my life in Whole Foods ) definitely doesn't help. I am spending lots of money on food to make sure it comes from a trusted source, that it's organic, gluten-free (and not contaminated), dairy-free, refined sugar-free, soy-free, non-toxic, non-GMO, without additives, colorings, preservatives...and gets excruciating to read every little label on every little box...and even then, you're not 100% sure if that granola is completely gluten-free, that avocado organic, or that salad really 3-times washed ( who are they kidding anyway? ).

#SakaraLife makes everything so damn easy. After my first week with them, I had ZERO bloating, my skin was radiant & my sleeping patterns have improved (I do use my essential oils for that too, but combined - last week was a wonder!). I felt absolutely amazing!

Final verdict: Their meals are exquisite, their packaging gorgeous, and even their water tastes bougie, so I'mma go ahead and say, do yourself a favor and PAMPER YOURSELF!

Wild mushroom truffle pasta

And for the grand finale, as promised, here is a special deal for you!

sakara life discount code, cleanse, detox, nutrition


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