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Best Superfoods to Cure Heartbreak

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When we experience heartbreak, pain, or any sort of grief, some of us place food at the bottom of our priorities, while some of us turn to it for comfort. Either way, we’re sending mixed signals to our bodies and minds, and therefore, not getting the right response. I know it’s hard to shift focus when we’re in pain, but that’s always the first step in dealing with it. Taking the first step is always the hardest, and it’s ok if you don’t take it right away. Give yourself time to grieve, process, cry; let yourself feel all the feelings you need, use the food as your comfort if you need to, and then slowly, let your attention move towards healing yourself from within.

sakara life, superfoods, grief, heartbreak, nutrition

For many of us, waking up is the hardest part because it’s like we’re experiencing the loss all over again. Trying to pick ourselves up from bed to start the day can feel impossible. One way to make waking up more pleasant is so have some rose, jasmine & lavender near your bed. These are great aromas to wake up to as they evoke hope & trigger positive emotions. Whether you’re using real petals, or simply diffusing essential oils, it’s a great way to get yourself ready to put your robe on and prepare some delicious breakfast.

sakara life, breakfast, nutrition, heartbreak, detox

Making your first meal of the day with lots of healthy fats and antioxidants will bring your serotonin levels up and fuel you with positive energy without causing a sugar rush followed by a crash soon after. It’s those crash moments that bring out our anxiety and allow feelings of loneliness and sadness to find a place in our hearts again. One simple trick is to bring out the colors on your plate with gorgeous red and blue berries, green avocado, golden nuts and seeds with a sprinkle of microgreens and sprouts for that extra crunch. Doesn’t this make you feel excited already? Throughout the day, make sure to always have some nuts or fruit to snack on, as they’ll keep your mind sharp and focused.

When sitting down for lunch and dinner, try to challenge yourself to place as many different colors on your plate as possible. Not only will that make your cooking fun, but it’ll also bring so many different vitamins and minerals to your diet that will help you keep that positivity up. And if you do need something sweet, dark chocolate is everyone’s best friend. The rich cacao antioxidant bomb will make your cells burst with happiness, which will then slowly start replacing the sadness. Thinking about how your food can help you heal is a great way to show up for yourself.



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