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The Benefits of Omega 7

All we ever seem to hear is praise for Omega 3 and 9, and caution around Omega 6, but what about Omega 7? Where to find it and how can we benefit from adding it to our diets? Read on to find out!

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Although found in macadamia nuts, anchovies and other fish, the superior source of Omega 7 is Sea Buckthorn oil. It derives from sea berry, a little orange superberry which is packed with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids, and its nutritional and medicinal value has been studied for centuries all over Europe and Asia. In the 1940s, Russian scientists began investigating the biologically active substances found in the fruit, leaves and bark. They developed products used by their astronauts (cosmonauts) and even a cream for protection from radiation! Sea berry (buckthorn) is unusually high in vitamin A, C & E, making it a powerful immune booster, inflammation fighter & protector against the damaging free radicals. However, the high concentration of Omega 7 (almost 40%!), the rare essential fatty acid, also known as palmitoleic acid is what made her ‘famous’.

The benefits of Omega 7 are incredible, and some of the most important include:

  • Protection against ulcers & gastrointestinal problems - it builds up the inner linings of the stomach & intestines, and therefore, protects them from damage

  • Reducing inflammation in the body & lowering the cortisol spikes

  • Being A powerful source of nourishment for the skin’s collagen, strengthening and moisturizing existing skin and repairing injuries

  • Improving scalp circulation & promoting hair growth

  • Boosting the immune system

  • Protecting the heart by normalizing blood vessel swelling and keeping triglyceride levels in check

  • Curbing hunger and promoting weight loss by keeping ghrelin in check

seattle yoga, nutrition coach, wellness coach, sakara life, bodybuilding

I’ve been incorporating it in my diet since November last year, and I’ve seen tremendous results, even through the dry & cold winter, and numerous travel escapades I’ve had since (Mexico, Jamaica, Colorado, Idaho). The products I use are from SIBU , as I’ve done my research and decided to choose a company which proudly states that their Sea Berry is harvested and processed through their proprietary T7 quality promise to ensure we receive the highest quality sea buckthorn available anywhere in the world.

The key characteristics of their Sea berry are -

  • Exclusive Himalayan Turkestanica – Turkestanica sea buckthorn contains the highest concentration of omega 7. Guaranteed 40%+ Omega 7

  • Fair Trade & Sustainable Practices – Fair trade practices and sustainable hand harvesting protects valuable natural resources and supports local communities and families

  • Super-Critical CO2 Extraction – The most effective & clean extraction technology insuring the highest concentration of nutrients are preserves.

  • Scientifically Tested for Quality – All SIBU sea buckthorn ingredients are double=tested by independent laboratories to insure nutrient efficacy

When I choose to start using a new supplement, I only go for the best, and that’s what I recommend to all of my clients, friends & family. In addition to the oil itself, SIBU has some amazing skincare products I cannot imagine my morning & night routines to be without. I wrote about them in my previous blogs, but I’ll name them here as well - Facial creme & Luxe Oil, as well as the body lotion

seattle yoga, nutrition coach, wellness coach, sakara life, bodybuilding

So, there you have it! Omega 7 is an incredibly rare essential fatty acid with amazing properties, and I strongly suggest you start adding it to your diet/skincare regimen. The wonderful people in SIBU have supplied me with a discount code for you guys, SBKARLA, which gives you 25% off their already reasonably priced items!

Happy shopping!




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