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I Tested the New Athleta Collection and Here's What Happened...

seattle yoga, nutrition coach, wellness coach, sakara life, bodybuilding

Hi, my name is Karla and I am an activewear addict.

Seriously, I am.

With the amount of leggings and sport bras I've accumulated over the years, I can confidently say - I can open a store. That being said, I've tried every possible brand, fabric, fit & style there is, and I've actually become picky with the items I choose to add to my collection (shocking, I know :)). Athleta has always been one of those brands I've secretly loved, but never really bought much from, so I decided to test their newest collection and let you know what I thought of it and why I think their campaigns are named #PowerOfShe!

When I first started falling in love with activewear, I was drawn to the style & prints. Today, although that's still the first thing that catches my eye, I look for some other factors which help me decide if I want to swipe my credit card or not. Main of them being : fabric, fit, seam & quality. Don't get me wrong, I still scroll through Insta and click on every picture of cute leggings trying to find out the brand's name and where to buy them, but knowing how many times I ended up disappointed because the quality was reaaaally low, or the fabric was so thin they were see-through, I needed to change my purchasing criteria. This Athleta haul was no different.

When they approached me & wanted me to give them a try, I was so excited and I chose items my eyes were drawn to first, but knew I had to test them out before giving my final verdict.

seattle yoga, nutrition coach, wellness coach, sakara life, bodybuilding

Prints & Style

I believe this is the year for florals, and boy oh boy, does Athleta have some gorgeous ones! These Elation Paradise 7/8 tights & matching Hyper Focused Print Bra create the most elegant & luxurious set eeeeever! I am obsessed with the soft, beige colors and the style, especially the strappy back because I always find it super flattering on the back muscles (no weird skinfolds).

Another style (actually color) that's been popping all over my IG feed this year is 50shadesofblue. From baby blue and turquoise to indigo and navy, every brand is trying to create that perfect bra & legging pairing which no one will be able to resist. Athleta's A-C Pyramid Bra goes well with anything, and I decided to dress it up with their Sandstone Stash Pocket Salutation Tights and bring some "sparkle" into my life. Once again, the print and style on point, I can see myself not taking these two incredible sets off anytime soon.

seattle yoga, nutrition coach, wellness coach, sakara life, bodybuilding

*One bonus addition you may not have heard of (and continuing in the floral fashion), Athleta's bikini line is stunning! I went with the Aqualuxe Floradora Crossover Bottoms and Top and FYI, the set can definitely stand up to bigger swimwear brands! Next time you go bikini shopping, make sure to hit Athleta as well!

seattle yoga, nutrition coach, wellness coach, sakara life, bodybuilding


"Powervita™ fabric is buttery soft with compression that feels like a gentle hug" . This statement is proudly standing on their website - and let me tell ya, they are not lying! Ever since I bought my first pair of Athleta's leggings, I distinctly remember them being so incredibly soft, I didn't want to "ruin" them by wearing them to the gym. Eventually I realized they stay as soft even after washing, so I relaxed a little :) No wonder they're so proud of their fabric, they even had it trademarked! Breathable, quick drying, wicking, and completely squat proof (you're welcome ladies!), I wear them whenever I want - doing burpees, sweating in hot yoga, or hiking across the pacific Northwest.

Oh, and speaking of buttery softness, I need to mention their Unwind Crop Sweatshirt. The fabric is called Nirvana. I'll let you figure it out yourself ;)

seattle yoga, nutrition coach, wellness coach, sakara life, bodybuilding

How does it fit?

When it comes to the fit, they are very leg & tummy hugging, meaning they put everything where it should be. Nicely compressed to give you the support & confidence you need, but not too much so that it's digging in your waist. As I've mentioned, they are completely squat proof, and I haven't personally experienced the dreaded camel toe, but a lot of the times, it actually depends on the way a woman is built and not the leggings themselves.

seattle yoga, nutrition coach, wellness coach, sakara life, bodybuilding

The bras are definitely created for every woman, and the real #PowerOfShe comes to life when you find out how they cater A-DD cups! That is incredible!! I'm not one of those very gifted women, so I usually don't have issues with finding a good sports bra, but I have many friends who suffer because "all the cute bras are made for smaller chest". Athleta's bras come with removeable pads, and the beautiful Hyper Focused Print Bra even has a hidden front pocket where you can hide your keys!

Final Verdict: I absolutely LOVE everything about Athleta's new collection. I definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone, no matter what activity you are buying it for - yoga, pilates, crossfit, or coffee with friends. It is just that good.

Athleta, thank you so much for wanting to work with me. You have now won my heart...and my paycheck :)




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