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My Spring Favorites

Spring is in full swing (and it rhymes)! April is my bday month so there’s really no surprise why I love it so much, but it’s also the time when I start gathering new and amazing products that launch in the shops or pop out on my social media. Read on to find out my 2019 spring favorites!

You may have seen me post about these incredibly flavorful & refreshing drinks on my IG stories for the past! To say I’m obsessed is an understatement! In addition to it being super tasty, it actually has a proprietary Meta Plus® blend which has a thermogenic effect and is clinically proven to boost your metabolism, and therefore, helps in burning extra calories, improving endurance, building lean muscle and providing sustained energy. My only problem is choosing which flavor I want...cause all of them are insane!

spring favorites, health, fitness, nutrition, yoga

You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and your face looks so puffy, you literally don’t want to leave the house with a ton of make up to cover for it? Sometimes it’s the lack of sleep, sometimes it’s a sodium-heavy dish you had last night (sushi, I’m looking at you!), and sometimes it’s allergies...but whatever the reason may be, waking up like that isn’t fun, especially if you have somewhere you need to be, and you don’t have enough time to face-roll and do lymph drainage. Luckily, Patchology came up with a product that helps you in that exact situation! Their eye gels work in only 5 minutes, and leave you feeling so calm & relaxed. My favorite moodpatch is called Perk Up and it has green tea, antioxidant pine leaf extract, and brightening white mulberry to give your skin a boost, while at the same time improving your mood and getting you ready to tackle the day ahead!

spring favorites, health, fitness, nutrition, yoga, skincare

Staying in the same topic of de-bloating and de-puffing your body, as a nutritionist, I always promote good probiotics and prebiotics, as well as digestive enzymes. Especially if you’re traveling to a new country, or having a couple of days of eating out in a row. Restaurant tend to use certain oils & spices your body might not be used to, so having a bit of extra help to break it all down definitely doesn’t hurt. I really enjoy their Enzyme Power blend, as it’s completely vegan and doesn’t contain artificial fillers and coating, like a bunch of other digestive enzymes do.

In addition to the Enzyme Power product, I’ve tried their antioxidant Berry Power blend which contains 20+ of the world's most nutrient-dense berries and fruits which support a healthy heart, brain, immune system, vision and radiant skin. I haven’t been using it for a long-enough time to give you my full review, but if it’s half as good as the Enzyme Power, I am sure I will be restocking as soon as I finish the bottle :)

spring favorites, health, fitness, nutrition, yoga

**SPECIAL OFFER** Use code SPRING15 for 15% off your total order now through May 31!

Spring weather means getting out more and taking your workouts to the nearby park, beach, or a hiking trail, and I don’t know about you, but I cannot do it without music. Music keeps me going & fuels my workouts even when I don’t feel like I have any energy left in me. I’ve tried numerous earbuds over the years, but I alway love them the first couple of time I use them, and then something happens - either they break, lose quality, one earbud works and the other doesn’t….I am happy to say I found my favorite pair so far! It’s been a while now, and I still love them! They are the Trekz Air from AfterShokz and they are SO light as they cut the bulk and used titanium everywhere possible to ensure they not only fit more securely but also sound better. I definitely feel like my workouts have been better and more focused as I don’t even have to think about my earphones anymore!

**SPECIAL OFFER** Use code HEALTH50 for $50 off Trekz Air and Trekz Titanium Endurance Bundles

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